My Life with God

Those Christians

photo-1519187975795-9a7f3abcc14a“Christians are hypocrites. They’re not transparent. They just put on masks and pretend everything is perfect when it’s clearly not.”

“What do you mean you believe such-and-such? You’re so judgmental! Christians think they are the only ones with all the right answers, and they have no right to push their beliefs on anyone else. Just be quiet!”

So many people complain about Christians not being transparent yet also complain when they engage in open conversations about beliefs and truth. If Christians speak their minds, they’re seen as legalistic and harsh; if they don’t speak their minds, they’re passive, ignorant, or deceptive.

At least, that’s the way they can be perceived.

Not always, of course. But for people who are angry with Christians for some reason, it’s the message they send: “There is no way you can win in my book, no matter what you say or do.”

The people who are the harshest are often the ones who have either been hurt or have built walls up so that they do not have to deal with honest conversation about commonalities of beliefs. We can all find common ground. And we can be respectful in the process.

Worry less about being defensive, and focus more on responding in truth and love. You might have to endure some harshness, but that’s survivable.

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