If I Were You…

301742_328847527189296_126894987384552_755324_885186947_nHowever, if I were you, I would appeal to God and would present my case to Him. (Job 5:8)

How many times do we say, “If I were you…”? The truth is: we are not. Other translations say, “As for me…” Perhaps that’s more truthful, admitting we’re really just giving the advice we most want to follow. But we’re not actually in the other person’s shoes. We don’t bring with us the same experiences, lessons, priorities, and so on.

Yet we can still give sound advice: “appeal to God.”

How can we go wrong? How can we advise wrong?

Telling people how we’d respond is selfish, but pointing them to God is not. One is self-centered; the other is God-centered. We can still support, listen, reflect, ask, and more. We don’t send people on their own way and never follow up. We continue to invest in people’s lives. But we let God do the most investing.

Because we’re not Him.

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