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The Mondayest Monday

photo-1530530741566-335272bf122aIt was a Monday, and it felt like just about everything was a little off.

I’m not a proponent of the theory that Mondays are typically bad. In fact, I see them a bit as a fresh start. But I found myself frequently thinking “what a Monday sort of thing to happen” as the day progressed.

I forgot an important bag at work as I set out for a job. Fortunately, a coworker could bring it when she left the office later. I couldn’t find my glasses once I settled in at the remote work site. No one seemed to be able to find them at the office either, which was odd, since I only need them for work and leave them there even on weekends. My coworker and I soon discovered a software glitch distorted some reports we had run and needed but could no longer use. We called the office and talked someone through running them again.

And the Monday continued. My coworker and I laughed over and over as new challenges popped into the day. But we decided it was still a good day. We could have challenges but see several of the highlights. The day before, her husband and she decided to take a vacation, and she only had a couple weeks to anticipate it. She was thrilled, and I was excited for her to get a break and spend time in a beautiful location with her family. And I found my glasses. Apparently, I had correctly remembered where I’d placed them but didn’t account for a couple twists and turns on the road. They had slipped under my granddaughter’s carseat, and in their case, blended into the shadow. Not only did I find my glasses, but I also found a $20 bill while I was looking for them.

Sometimes it’s the little things that brighten the day.

No matter what Monday brings your way today, there’s space for joy and gratitude in it. Choose well as you move through your day.

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