Love Holds

pureloveblogFor if you are careful to keep all this commandment which I am commanding you to do, to love the Lord your God, to walk in all His ways and hold fast to Him. (Deuteronomy 11:22)

God’s love holds. Whether it’s God’s hold on you or your hold on God, whether either is founded in God’s love, it is strengthened. The HCSB uses the phrase “remain faithful” where the NASB uses “hold fast.” Faith holds.

This verse is the beginning of an if-then statement. God gives us many through His Word. We shouldn’t just see God’s if-then statements as conditions. They are promises. When we see them as conditions, we get legalistic about what we’re supposed to do. We feel empowered because we have a part we can control in the equation. We get to decide something.

In reality, what we get to decide is very simple: to choose faith or not. When we do, we receive God’s promises. It’s not about God keeping His promises or not. He always keeps His promises. He can do no other because of His character. When we hold fast to Him, when we are faithful, we grow in our relationship with Him. We receive what He has promised. And it’s not about a “thing.” Oh, we certainly receive something…or should I say, Someone. We get God. We receive the blessing of knowing Him more intimately. We deepen our trust with Him. Our commitment deepens.

Faith in God isn’t a one-step decision. It’s a process. Yes, we choose to follow God. We acknowledge Jesus is the Son of God and that He came to earth to sacrifice His life here for our life in eternity with Him. We accept He is Lord and Savior. And then we live that reality out in our daily lives. We tend to stress His role as Savior. We trust He’ll provide for eternal life beyond this life. In reality, eternal life is right now. Eternity doesn’t just stretch into the far future; it stretches in both directions. It’s endless, immeasurable time. It’s a long series of nows. If you waste your now, it impacts another now.

And that’s where Jesus as Lord comes in. He is the Lord of all the nows. He provides and guides every second of the journey. Whether or not we seek and yield, having faith in who He is and how completely we trust Him to speak into our lives is our choice.

God has something to say about every second of your life. The extent to which you listen is your faith. God does a lot of talking. He does a lot of showing. He does a lot of revealing. But that doesn’t mean you’re always listening, watching, and accepting. I think we miss out on a lot. We’re too busy doing what we think is life. We’re too busy trying to figure things out and trying to understand, and we miss out on real life—the life God intends for us to have. We miss out on eternal life.

Oh, we’ll still live eternally. But I don’t want to miss out on anything in all my nows. In fact, the older I get, the more I realize the time I’ve wasted. I don’t mean the things I’ve done to waste time. It’s more about the opportunities to know and serve God that I’ve missed. I’ve often gotten too busy with life to live the life God planned. I’ve tried to stick faith in a chamber of my heart instead of letting it consume my body and pump through every reach of my life.

And that’s not real faith. God has so much more planned.


Dear God, I want you to be the Lord and Savior in my life—not just in name but in reality. I trust my “now” to You, and I ask You to string together my nows into eternity. I have faith in You. I trust You. I am Yours. I want only to honor You.

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