Pure Love

Unchanging Love

pureloveblogWho is a God like You, who pardons iniquity

And passes over the rebellious act of the remnant of His possession?

He does not retain His anger forever,

Because He delights in unchanging love. (Micah 7:18)

God is unchanging. He doesn’t stop pardoning iniquities. He doesn’t ever retain His anger forever. He delights in unchanging love…always. He doesn’t change, and His love doesn’t change. And that is one of the reasons we can have such a firm faith in Him. He is incomparable. Because of His unchanging character, those who are in a covenant relationship with Him can rest securely in His promises.

We have difficulty considering love as unchanging, because we so often define love as a feeling. When we don’t feel as if we love someone, we have difficulty expressing love. If we see love as an emotion, because emotions change, we accept the idea that love could always change. If love can change, we can’t trust it. So when God says He loves us, if we’re starting with our distorted, earthly view of love, we don’t trust God’s love.

We get it backwards. We start with our own experiences of something and when we see something similar in the character of God or His Word, we use our experiences to project onto the character of God or the meaning of His Word. But our experiences are limited, and they’re usually emotional to some degree. We can’t trust them as absolutes, so how can we possibly project them onto an absolute God?

We need to start with God and try to understand what He says about Himself and His Word, then let it transform and speak truth into our experiences. Instead of starting with how we’ve experienced love, we need to ask God what love actually is according to Him. The same with fear, anger, frustration, mercy, grace, redemption, healing, joy, peace, and more. If it’s in God’s Word—and it usually is—start there.

Whatever God says and whoever He says He is will not change. It will change you, because God is powerful. He transforms you when His truth collides with your experiences. He wants more for you. He wants Himself for you. So, He changes you. He’ll meet you right where you are, but He will not be content to leave you there.

And that’s not just for when you first encounter Him. We hear powerful transformation stories over and over about pre- and post-conversion lives. Some seem to be instantaneous change. Others are a bit more drawn out, but the progress is apparent. Stop comparing yourself to others. All you need to know is that God is unchanging, He’s willing to change you, and you can trust Him.

God delights in unchanging love. He loves to love you. He loves to redeem. He loves to extend mercy. He loves justice. He loves healing. He loves to save. He loves to correct, teach, and rebuke. Don’t miss out on a single, life-changing moment.


Dear God, I trust You to transform me. Thank You for Your unchanging character. Challenge me to get rid of any false assumptions. Correct me when I’ve misunderstood You. Teach Me the truthfulness of who You are and who You created me to be. Help me to see the limits I have and seek You to fill every gap, equipping me for the good works You have planned for Me. I am Yours today. Please use me to Your glory.

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