My Life with God

Hope Strings

Hope invites the truth that not everything is past tense.

When we lack hope, we find it difficult to look forward, to see how something in our today can be reconciled or redeemed. If we can’t make sense of it, we lean toward thinking it can never be used to rebuild or clear a path into something in the future. We might never see the goodness in the pain or chaos, but we might appreciate some healing that comes out of it. We might recognize an opportunity to help someone. We might find an ounce of gratitude in the “but God…” 

True hope cannot be deceptive. It is never dependent on a specific result occurring in the future. We limit the possibilities of faith when we tie a balloon of hope to a specific gift we want to open someday. The truth of hope always ties to God’s promises and presence. Maybe some people struggle to hope because all they’ve experienced is a tangled web of strings that don’t seem to lead to anything. Or, they have been let down, because hope has been tied to the wrong things. Or maybe, it’s simply too difficult to see beyond the now. But beyond the now exists. Even when we can’t foresee it or understand it, we can anticipate it. We can trust God to prepare us for it. We can embrace the truth of today so that the strings guide us to tomorrow. Our futures are not dependent on an outcome. Our futures are secure in the hand of God, who embodies hope.

Let us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. Hebrews 10:23

2 thoughts on “Hope Strings”

  1. Susan, this devotion provided such encouragement to me. I know God has a plan for where I’m at in life as I have primarily finished raising our 5 kids. I finished homeschooling our youngest 2.5 years ago. The last two living at home are close to finishing college and launching. I want to feel true joy for them not tainted by my own insecurities. I have been seeking the Lord diligently and striving to grow more spiritually over the last 5 years as I saw my role diminishing with our children. I feel God is silent on the subject! I know He has a plan for my life. I just can’t see what I am to do and I’m feeling more discouraged. Life seems to be moving on for others and mine is at a standstill. I don’t want to “tie balloon of hope to a specific gift” or outcome.. Maybe I’m not being proactive enough to pursue some avenues? This is all new to me as I’ve had my head down and busy with the kids for 33 years. I honestly don’t know if I would like a part time job (not needed financially, but for extras could be nice) or am I to volunteer some where, join women’s groups, etc? I am restricted because of COVID and risks for my health. We are watching our church services online and haven’t been to church in 10 months. I am unclear as what I should be doing and if I need to be in motion. But where and how in this pandemic?! I’m definitely willing to try! I don’t want to limit any possibilities in faith.
    Thank you for your ministry, Susan.

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    1. How are you doing, Penny? My apologies for just now getting back to you. I just discovered I was not alerted as people commented, so I’m catching up. I will be praying for you through your transitions and journey. Savor and seek God’s presence. He provides abundantly in his purpose and timing. But it is so hard to see at times!


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