Love in All Things

pureloveblog(Love) bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. (1 Corinthians 13:7)

If you love with God’s love, you will bear, believe, hope, and endure all things. God’s love is limitless. That doesn’t mean that God approves of all things. God is just, so it’s not possible for Him to approve of all things.

Love bears all things. To bear something is to protect it. Love protects all things of God. It’s territorial, building a hedge around anything godly and cultivating it so that it grows. And anything that is outside the hedge is protected as well—protected against.

Love believes all things. Love isn’t naïve. It doesn’t absorb all things into the person who loves. It simply believes all things of God. The love that believes all things has faith and trust. When I believe all things of God, I have faith. As long as I protect and maintain that faith, I reflect God’s love, and I am faithful. When I falter in my belief and trust in God, my faithfulness wavers. Nothing about God changes. My faltering is my faltering; it impacts my faithfulness, not God’s.

Faith isn’t static. It’s not something we simply adopt, automatically have, or attain and stop. We don’t intellectually ascend into accepting the idea of God’s love or Jesus’ sacrifice. It’s a journey. It’s about living consistently and faithfully in a way that honors God. As we love God, we choose to believe all things of Him instead of believing some small things that releases us from our responsibility to honor all the other things.

God hopes all things. Biblical hope is an anticipation of good things. Hope isn’t wishful thinking. It’s the anticipation of the fulfillment of God’s promises. Many of our godly hopes are realized throughout our lives. All of our godly hopes will be realized at some point, because God breaks no promises. He always comes through.

Love endures all things. To endure is to deal with, undergo a hardship without giving in, or regard with acceptance or tolerance. God’s love endures all things of God. Enduring isn’t a blanket approval. It’s always consistent with God’s will. It’s a commitment, and commitment is always reflective of God’s love and God Himself. He is the promise keeper. He makes and keeps covenants. He endures. He pursues. He abides.

God bears, hopes, believes, and endures all things that are godly. Living His love out loud in our lives does the same. Everything we know about God’s love is consistent. Nothing contradicts God’s love or God Himself. He is love. He loves.


Dear God, I am committing to bear, hope, believe, and endure all things as You do. I won’t rely on my own understanding. I won’t set limits except the limits You set. I won’t hesitate to follow You and boldly love. You are my model. You are who I strive for. And I know You provide guidance, conviction, and encouragement every step of the way. Thank You.

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