Walk Into Relax

26608__2It took five miles for me to relax. Not five minutes but five miles. It had been preceded by several days of pesky issues, as well as some fun. I needed some detox. So, I walked my trail. I was five miles in when I heard myself sigh and felt my shoulders loosen. I settled in.

Relaxing isn’t always the goal, but when we carry what we shouldn’t carry, we need to listen to the warnings of tension, anxiety, and preoccupation. We need to stop spinning.

I think that’s one thing I like about walking. It is impossible to spin and walk at the same time. I would spin off the path or get sick. Instead, I look forward. I move forward. I get somewhere.

Maybe walking isn’t your thing, but find something (healthy) to focus on and stop the spinning.

2 thoughts on “Walk Into Relax

  1. I enjoy walking. The temperatures and heat index have been so high lately, that hubby and I haven’t taken our usual walks. Hope to start walking around the neighborhood later this week when temps lower. Have a blessed week!


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