To Know Someone

hm-clipart-office-space-01-300x295Social media gives us a false sense of knowing someone. Perhaps we’ve redefined what “knowing” someone is.

People stalk one another on social media. Often not in a creepy way. But they might wonder, “What’s so-and-so been up to? I haven’t talk to her/him for awhile.” They don’t want to call and bother the person, or maybe they have never really connected personally. Their relationship is established primarily through others, including through social media. I know family members who primarily know only what’s on each other’s social media feeds. Maybe that’s “enough” for them. Perhaps some friendships or acquaintances have always pretty much been based in social media all along.

Whatever the reason, when we don’t have much contact with people, we can begin to build what we think someone else’s life is like. And while the snapshots might be accurate, they only  provide a glimpse. We cannot know what a person is thinking, processing, or feeling without asking, listening, and looking them in the eye on a regular basis.

So, make the call. Make the drive. Sit and listen and learn.

If the person is important to you, the sacrifice will be worth it. And your relationship will be more authentic and valued.

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