My Life with God


maxresdefaultWhat is enough?

When we define “enough,” we find contentment or discontentment. It doesn’t mean we’re stuck where we are. If we’re content, we don’t necessarily think we don’t need or can’t get more, but we can find peace with where we are and what we have. If we’re discontent, it doesn’t mean we’re miserable or completely empty. It also doesn’t mean we’ll necessarily take the best approach to achieving or receiving more.

For some, there is never enough even if there is only room for one more drop in the glass. For others, there is always enough and often an abundance even when the glass hardly contains a drop. But it’s not just about optimism and pessimism, a glass half full or half empty. Sometimes those empty spaces reveal what “enough” truly is. Sometimes the full spaces are filled with the wrong things.

For example, my life this year has been emptied of a relationship that filled a lot of me, that meant a lot to me, that I anticipated continuing in my life for many years to come. But I am not now empty. My life is not empty. I have enough. I have abundance. I’m not talking about stuff, which has never been very high on the priorities list for me. I’m talking about who I am and my purpose. I am enough because God is enough. I am empty and God fills me, over and over.

God’s abundant mercy continues to show me that even when I lose someone or something, he is enough. And reminds me that “enough” isn’t defined by an optimistic or pessimistic attitude but by the truth of who God is, including his generous grace.

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