My Life with God

The Blessings You Don’t See

There is so much around us that we take for granted, neglecting to notice the blessings we have every day. We seem to notice so many blessings when something fails; instead of a blessing, we see an inconvenience. We often want God to move in our ways instead of letting us look through His perspective. We see what is broken that we want Him to fix. We see shortcomings that we want Him to stretch and increase. We see an inconvenience that we want Him to take away instead of realizing the blessing in the delay and provision through it.

We need to focus not as much on asking God to bless us but to open our eyes to see the blessings He has given us.

We’re surrounded. Yes, there are the big things like a job, family, and a place to live. But there are so many smaller things, that when we begin to notice them, they create huge piles of blessings that help us slow down and notice more and more.

Consider the ease by which you can access places, information, basic (and not so basic) needs and wants.

Consider the encouragement you can find in the people around you, including the choices you have for connections and inspiration online.

Consider colors, textures, and scents that spur good memories or give you a moment of inspiration.

Even when we pray for the rain to stop when it dampens and pools around us, we can appreciate the nourishment and wonder of it.

Even when we pray for a loved one to get better, we can be thankful for the care he has access to, as well as the people who surround him, or the impact he has had on others’ lives.

Even when something breaks at what seems to be the most inconvenient time, we can recognize how the long list of other things that we have seem to be holding together, in many cases, longer than expected.

Even when our plans get cancelled, we can appreciate the opportunity for downtime or for reaching out to someone else in need.

Even when life doesn’t go the way we planned, we can trust God is well aware and is working even if we can’t see or understand the details.

We can trust Him as more than just the “go to guy” when we’re in need. We can let Him define our needs. We can let Him work outside the box of what we want or think He can do. We can let Him be God, and let Him define blessings, and commit to giving in our perspective for His.

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