Chasing The Grumpies

_I_didn_t_think_they_were_SERIOUS_about_this_whole__vegetable__thingI was in a grumpy mood on a recent Sunday morning. I was edgy. It was a busy morning, and people seemed to need things from me that I didn’t want to take the time to give. One kind friend pulled me aside to expressed abundant grace and encouragement, and I knew I was going to start crying. It was as if I just couldn’t receive that much goodness right then. So I pushed through.

A teen who often sits with me at church tagged along for a while, and I finally admitted, “I’m grumpy and I don’t want to go to church.” Of course, I chuckled about it, because I knew I was being a bit of a baby. I told her I wasn’t in the mood to be a good influence. She simply said, “C’mon. We’re going to church.”

She leaned over a couple times to ask if I was still grumpy.

“Yep” was my first response; “a little less” was my second.

Then was communion, following by another worship song, and there was something about that combination and God’s reminders and truth through both that demolished my grumpies. They were gone. I chose to focus on God and his truth instead of all the annoying distractions. I decided to shift from being frustrated with people and circumstances to being content and even joyful in and with God.

I could have just as easily stayed in my grumpies. It’s a feasible choice I often face.

So do you.

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