My Life with God

Beyond The Church


We’ve all been hurt by people, confused by people, misled by people, and that includes people within the church. In a perfect world, that wouldn’t be the case. But the truth is the church is filled with real people who have faults. Sometimes they intentionally hurt, confuse, and mislead people, and other times, it’s unintentional and just as devastating to the giver when they find out someone has received their actions or words in such a negative way.

But faith is bigger. Jesus is so much more. He is not limited by the way those of us who follow him are able and willing to represent him. We will always let others down in one way or another. The odd thing is that Jesus understands that. He knows our faults, struggles, and confusion. He knows our intentions. He knows what we dish out and why as well as how we receive what others give us.

It’s not that we are ever enough, but he is. We cannot create a perfect picture of the Christian life, and he doesn’t want or expect us to. We willingly and humbly serve him. And we apologize along the way. We listen to people’s questions, doubts, and hurts. We show compassion without trying to fix it all. We can’t. God can.

And for those who refuse to look farther than their own experiences of the local church when considering a Christian life, I challenge you to look farther and deeper. Let the church be just a glimpse – a distorted reflection of who God is. Go to him directly to find out the truth about him. He won’t disappoint when you wholeheartedly seek.


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