My Life with God

A View With Attitude


My flight home was delayed. With responsibilities, schedule, and time change, I was tired. I wanted to sleep in my bed…more than a few hours. But my flight was delayed because of Dorian, and my slight inconvenience was nothing compared to what so many were living through.

I had no control over the weather, but I had control over my attitude.

I always do. In every situation. So do you.

As the plane took off just as the sun was setting, I glanced out the window before trying to sleep for a while. I saw the curve of the very outer rings of clouds surrounding the storm miles away. With the sun setting, the bigness of it all overwhelmed me with God’s presence. I didn’t sleep on the flight home as intended. I was too full.

Whatever you are facing today, check your attitude. It might open your eyes and heart to experiencing a beautiful view.

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