My Life with God

My Pure Purpose

communion.StephanieI held the communion cup and wafer in my hand.

To some, communion is simply something they do, move through, check off their list during a worship service. I have to admit, I’ve moved through the motions at times. But it has been sweet and meaningful so often to me in the past year. It’s been filled with significance, a recalibration of my heart and soul.

And as I looked at the cup and wafer, I paused. I cannot simply fill myself with God. That is his ability. Mine is to empty myself. To make room. To be receptive and willing and humble.

It’s easier to take action and move forward with the illusion of control. Well, perhaps easier in the short-term. But it is not reality.

I paused because I needed to wait until I could breathe, make space, and prepare myself to honestly receive whatever it was that God wanted to give me. He doesn’t give me what I want or what I believe I’m prepared for. He gives me what I need: himself.

It’s hard to explain, because we live in a world that focuses on self. We don’t like to give up self. But life isn’t about us. It’s more. As a wise young man recently taught, “Our lives are not about us. Our lives are God’s to purpose.”

This journey of pure purpose is centered on just that. And I am thankful. Pure purpose is not just a blog or a Bible study. It is my journey and hope.

So, God, please continue to change me and grow me and recalibrate me. Because I set myself aside so that you can have your way. I empty myself so that you fill and nourish me. I set myself aside so that you can live in and through me and get the glory.

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