My Life with God

Doing Our Best

Doing_My_Best-Download-CDRHow many times do I hear or use the phrase “doing my/his/her/your best,” primarily with the intent to encourage someone? We want to think we’re doing our best to get through something, to learn something new, to mend a relationship, or a plethora of other situations, but are we really “doing our best”?
I don’t want to discourage anyone and step into a perfectionist approach, where we have to do better and better in order to attain some sort of superhuman level of effort and achievement, but isn’t there always room for improvement? Do we settle for “enough” when there is room between where we are and where we can be? Do we pull down the concept of “best” and move it into our “enough” to soothe and reassure ourselves?
“Best” isn’t perfect. Best is what we can completely offer. Sometimes it’s more or less than other times. We have different amounts and gifts to give to varying situations and relationships across time. Our “best” doesn’t look the same across our entire lives, let alone a single day. Our “best” is more of a moving moment. It changes.
But “best” is more than “enough.”
“Best” isn’t settling. It is a settling into.
“Best” isn’t striving. It’s an intentional stride.
“Best” is less about what we do and more about who we are, who we are becoming, and who we are trusting God to grow us into.
Our best is a lot less about us and much more about God. And he is beyond enough.

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