My Life with God

Face Issues with Wisdom

download (1)Use wisdom in the timing of when to face issues.

I needed to confront someone’s procrastination and disorganization and the effect it was having on others, but the day I was frustrated was not a good option. It would have only stressed out the person more, which in turn would have paralyzed her more, which would have delayed what needed to get done even more.

Yet I also couldn’t sweep those issues under the rug and ignore them. When we do that, we only delay the confrontation, delay the potential change and growth, and put dangerous hidden lumps under our feet. We will trip and fall and so will others who travel the same path with us.

Our relationships are more important than facing or enduring issues without wisdom in the timing and method of confrontation. We all need to change and grow. We all need to help each other. We will encounter bumps along the way no matter how we approach the issues, but with patience and bravery and wisdom, we will infuse the process with respect and compassion.

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