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Write A Note

07182016_EncourageOneAnother-1024x628I am so grateful that our paths have crossed once again. God has used you to teach and minister to so many. Over the years, I’ve learned things from you that have become cornerstones for my faith. Thank you.

It was an unexpected note that poured into my weary heart one recent night. The front of the card said: “I thank God for you.” (2 Timothy 1:3) A beautiful woman graciously wrote and handed it to me, but it spoke to my heart as if God has personally written and given it to me.

It was grace.

I have officially ministered less in the past year – speaking, writing, and so on – but I have perhaps ministered more abundantly than ever. I’m not really sure it’s an accurate assessment, because I have no idea how to measure ministry. But what I’m referring to is the wholeheartedness of letting God guide, surrendering to him constantly and as completely as I know how, trusting him to guide my actions, words, and thoughts.

And the situations he has put me in have been tender, abundant, and purposeful. At times, it’s been heartwrenching, and other times, it’s been a blast. It’s been…more. I’m not sure how else to describe it. And by “it,” I mean serving, trusting, surrendering.

I highly recommend “it.”

I also highly recommend writing a note to someone today. In fact, I’ll challenge you to write a note to someone today. Let God guide your words. He’ll use you as you trust him.

2 thoughts on “Write A Note”

  1. Funny that this was in my feed today. I had just selected a scripture and posted a picture of one of my best friends to Instagram and Facebook…not the same as a handwritten note, but I wanted to post something special for her birthday because we have both cried and prayed over our kids, our work (we are both nurses), and our parents (hers are both still living, I have only my mom.) I have a card to give her, but we need to plan a day to get together!


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