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Sweet Moment

hqdefaultI had a list of things to take care of the day of my oldest daughter’s wedding. First, and perhaps my favorite responsibility, was to pick up and deliver both daughters to the maid of honor’s house to get ready. On the way, we picked up Starbucks for everyone who would be there.

Parking was limited, so they ran in to place the order while I sat nearby in the car, ready to pick them up. They wanted to put the specific names on the cups to help each person in the wedding party feel special (and to keep track of the drinks). It would be helpful to have their own Sharpie and write the names instead of the barista – to save both time and frustration. But did I have a Sharpie in my vehicle so they didn’t have to take the barista’s?

Well, yes. They weren’t surprised. They grew up with a small supply of commonly-needed items in the vehicle. To me, it’s easier to keep some of those items conveniently on hand instead of looking for something to use or making a run to a store.

As I sat in the vehicle waiting for my girls, I reflected on the many times I’d waited for them over the years. I thought about the many times I’d had the chance to drive them here and there. Instead of getting annoyed with the schedules, I often savored those moments in the car through the years. It was good time to catch up and share our lives.

I love being a mom. It has been fulfilling, purposeful, and energizing. It’s been frustrating, exhausting, and painful. There have been wonderful moments every step of the way. And I am grateful. I appreciate the relationships I have with my adulting girls. Motherhood is still not simple or easy, but it is good.

I watched them exit Starbucks together, smiling as they chatted, hands full with drinks, including one for me – my favorite peppermint hot cocoa. They also gave me one more thing when they settled in: my favorite Starbucks sweet treat, the birthday cake pop.

I was instructed I needed to eat the cake pop while they were in the car. They knew I had not eaten breakfast, something I wouldn’t recommend to them with a long day ahead but would tolerate for myself. But they would not tolerate it for me. They insisted I eat, even if it wasn’t the most nutritious of breakfasts.

I complied. After all, it was a birthday cake pop. Not only was it a sweet treat, it was sweet that my girls were trying to take care of me. They ganged up on me with their bossiness…and their love.

As we pulled away from Starbucks, my eyes nearly leaked. My girls are growing up. Our relationships have changed and have deepened. I pray we continue to love each other well.


8 thoughts on “Sweet Moment”

  1. I couldn’t post a comment, not sure if you have your replies turned off. I did repost on my blog…which has not been very active lately. I have had a hard time keeping up with my writing. I do more reading than anything. But just wanted to let you k ow that your post really spoke to me. I also have two adult daughters and our oldest is getting married in December. You are in my thoughts and prayers. Blessings to you for hanging in to your faith through the storm in your life.

    Sent from Shauna. Have a blessed day!



    1. I got the reply! Sorry for the inconvenience. Such an exciting time to have changes coming up, but it can be stressful at times, too. Give yourself time to breathe, be patient with others, and savor the moments. Blessings to you!

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