My Life with God

Count The Cost

032713_1852_isitworthit1What is the cost of your soul?

No matter the price you put on it or the reason you decide to relinquish it, you will never sell your soul for enough to buy back your peace of mind.

It’s a dangerous deal, although it won’t seem that way at the time. It will seem like the right choice or perhaps the only choice. You’ll think it will be the only way to happiness or contentment or success or something else that seems appealing to you at the time. You’ll have people who love you try to warn you of what’s coming, but you won’t want to listen. You’ll think they’re trying to rob you of something. You’ll be convinced they just don’t understand. After all, you know yourself best, right? So we isolate ourselves from people whose viewpoints differ from ours. We don’t want to be around people who challenge us. We’d rather be affirmed.

We think we know ourselves best but can deceive ourselves the most and get ourselves into the deepest trouble.

We are the ones who make the choice to relinquish our soul to something. Count the costs. Some costs have immeasurable worth. Others have woeful consequences.

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