My Life with God

Humble Strength

65f484e6a5615893cc224f2f63cb5403There is a relationship between God’s strength and our humility.

God’s strength is a constant, but what we have access to is related to our humility. And humility is an odd thing. As soon as we begin to dwell on our humility or expect something from it, we diminish it. It doesn’t mean we fail or no longer have access to God’s strength, as if one pinpoint of pride drains everything God has given us. He is better than that.

We can’t completely figure out the formula between God’s strength and our humility.  Humility trusts even without understanding. To put conditions on it as if we could control it diminishes it. Yet humility doesn’t cancel out our inquisitiveness. In fact, humility involves a lot of curiosity. It’s a leaning into. It’s a journey that involves one choice at a time, taking us places we could not imagine or would not choose if we had only seen from a distance.

Humility involves vulnerability, which is uncomfortable, but ironically, humility comes with a sense of peace and purpose because of its relationship with God’s strength. But just like our inability to capture humility with a strategy, we cannot manipulate our access to God’s strength. We don’t always get what we expect or feel we need. That doesn’t mean we don’t have access to what we need.


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