My Life with God

Silly Saturdays


Have a silly Saturday today.

It’s not something you can really plan.

You might actually have a rough day, but find a moment of silliness to share with someone.

A couple weeks ago, my Saturday plans changed, and I ended up welcoming a quiet evening at home. Then my daughter messaged me:

C: Are you home?

Me: Yep.

C: Okay. Can I bring a surprise to you? It’s kind of silly.

Me: Sure!

C: Okay. Be there is five minutes.

She’d been grocery shopping and found a fun surprise she knew I’d like. When I saw it, I thought of my friend’s two daughters who would enjoy it, too. And my daughter realized she should have picked up a couple for her classroom. So, we jumped back in the car and drove across town before the store closed. Then we dropped one off at my friend’s house. Then we got gas and returned a dvd before heading back to my house.

An unexpected part of my day, for sure. But it was fun.

The adventure itself didn’t matter nearly as much as spending spontaneous time with my daughter.

Look for something silly to do today with someone. Sometimes the unexpected can bring a smile to your day, especially when shared with someone you love.

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