My Life with God


photo-1475706398693-8250350bc704I often hear myself say (or think or write) about how I trust God or how much more I want to trust him, but in reality, I want God to be able to trust me. That’s who I want to be for him. Whatever it takes.

God is trustworthy. I don’t need to prove it; he’s proven it to me already. I can always trust him, even when I don’t understand what he’s doing. I might not always choose to trust him, but that doesn’t change his trustworthiness.

But my trustworthiness is more of a question and uncertainty. Can he trust me? Do I follow and honor him well? Do I seek him in all things? Am I growing into the woman he intends me to be? Am I living in his pure purpose?

I hope so, but there is always room for improvement. And I intend to improve in this season of my life, today, this moment. Whatever it takes.

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