My Life with God

A Treasure Ball

annie-spratt-538500-unsplashIt’s a simple game.

Have you seen or played the plastic wrap ball game? Lots of small prizes are wrapped in layers of plastic cling wrap, creating a tightly-wound ball of treasures. One person tries to unwrap (not tear into, destroy, or chew through) the top layer, which first requires finding the edge, while wearing over mitts, gloves, or (a clean pair of) socks on his or her hands. Meanwhile, all the other players take turns rolling two dice. The first person to roll doubles gets to put on the gloves or socks and try to continue the unwrapping process.

It was our Easter gathering game this year. We almost always have some sort of game, ranging through the years from elaborate scavenger hunts to trivia challenges. Sometimes we have a large group but this year we could all sit comfortably around one table. (At one point during dinner, I realized I was keeping my arms as close to my sides as possible instead of relaxing into my unusually unsquished area.) The game took twice as long as we expected, but it involved everyone and gave us a chance to laugh together and make more family memories. I didn’t uncover and release many prizes, but I felt like the winner of the day. I got to relax and laugh with the people I love. I got to catch up on their lives and share mine. They shared a few treasures with me – a lottery ticket, a squished chocolate, and a package of sticky notes.

Like the treasures of sharing ourselves, sometimes we share value, sometimes messes, and sometimes things that have great perceived value. But sharing takes time and unwrapping. The process can seem tedious and frustrating at times but it is when we’re willing to unwrap and be unwrapped, doing life and processing with others, that we release treasures of the relationships of our lives.

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