My Life with God

Lost and Found Friends

andrea-tummons-448834-unsplashFriends are often in our lives for a season. Life circumstances bring us together, then life circumstances create distance between us. It’s the ebb and flow of friendship. We can appreciate what we have, be sad it changes, yet move forward and appreciate something and someone different in the next season.

There are times we loop back into friendships in new seasons. Within months of each other, a friend’s husband died and mine decided to leave our marriage. We both lost.

We reconnected and renewed our friendship. The common focus and interests of the past were still there but something new drew us together. It wasn’t a pleasant shared experience, but it was still shared. And sharing connects us. We didn’t wallow in our sorrows – it’s not either of our styles. We took steps forward together and continue.

We know we have seasons ahead of us – some we look forward to, others we anticipate with uncertainty, and others will surprise us. But we find appreciation and comfort for the simple fact that we get to share life together again.

Sometimes loss leads to friendships found. And while I wouldn’t choose the loss for either of us, I am thankful for the find.

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