My Life with God

Devil’s Advocate

michael-rosner-hyman-30557-unsplash“Who knows the advocate’s case better than the devil?”

It was an unexpected dose of truth embedded within a television show I’ve been watching. You know the kind of show that is interesting but not too consuming. It creates good background for multi-tasking.

And out popped a bold truth.

The devil doesn’t know everything God’s Spirit, our Advocate, does, but he knows more than we often like to consider. Assuming he is clueless is…well, admitting we are clueless.

I have no doubt many of our assumptions about the devil (including believing no devil exists) are incorrect, but there is plenty of truth we can seek, sift through, and firmly stand on.

Not every advocate represents the devil’s perspective and goals. But we need to know what advocates we trust and for whom our lives advocate.

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