My Life with God

Why? Why! Why.

photo-1516246843873-9d12356b6fabThe song Why God makes me pause.

We typically think of why as a question.

But it can also be an exclamation.

Asking Why, God? is not a bad thing. It doesn’t mean we doubt everything God does, but if we’re honest, we’re going to doubt him at times. We don’t have his perspective and knowledge. We don’t like some of the pain of life. We want an explanation. But sometimes an explanation doesn’t really help. We more often want a fix, and what we think is a fix might be off track from what is best in the long term for us and others.

Why, God! claims who he is. It’s an expression of gratitude, or at least acknowledgement. The shift between Why, God? and Why, God! is imperceptible at times. I find myself exclaiming more than asking these days, but that’s not always true, and looking back through my years of faith, I can’t say I question any less as my faith grows. I question differently. Just as my faith has grown, my questions grow as well.

As you say why today, consider if you are questioning, demanding, declaring, or something else. Sometimes familiarity with your process will help you listen for the response you need in order to take the next step.



6 thoughts on “Why? Why! Why.”

  1. Tonight I look at the face of God and ask why. A seemingly endless painful situation with no solution and I beg why. He does not answer but I keep asking? Why do I keep asking?

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    1. I think asking can be the simple pursuit of God. It’s not that we actually insist upon or expect a specific answer, but our “why” acknowledges our reliance on and trust in him, even if it is only to reassure us of his presence.


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