My Life with God

Give Up

olya-kuzovkina-191280-unsplashWe’re taught to not give up. We want to be stronger than that. We see quitting as a weakness.

Yet there are a lot of things it’s okay to give up. Knowing the difference and timing and approach is essential. We can choose the wrong things to give up (or hang onto), but we can also choose the right things in the wrong way. We can be inconsiderate of others, harsh, and disrespectful. We can be passive and cowardly. We can choose the wrong time, refusing to allow healing.

We need humility and discernment. We need to consider the impact our choices and actions have on others. We need to be honest with others and ourselves.

We need to realize who influences our perspective and how we filter incoming advice and opinions.

Give up something today. Commit to something today.

Discern the difference.

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