My Life with God


lady-297732_960_720Perhaps it’s TMI (too much information), but I walked into the convenience store bathroom…

One of the employees was cleaning. I know many of the workers, because the store is my regular fountain drink stop. The girl immediately stopped me from going into a stall, insisting it would only take a minute to wipe it down, since she has already sprayed the cleaner.

We talked as she cleaned, and we continued to talk while I used the bathroom. The casualness of the situation made me smile. I learned several things about her in those few minutes – time I didn’t think I had to spare since I was on my way to meet a friend. But the employee was comfortably sharing her plans, struggles, and uncertainties. I didn’t have much advice for her; I thought it was more important to listen and encourage.

I thanked her for keeping the bathroom clean – and for sharing a conversation – and went on my way with a smile. How could I not smile when God surprised me with the opportunity to encourage in an unexpected place?

Sometimes TMI is timely moments of interaction.

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