My Life with God

Target On My Heart

photo-1510925768022-7e72e7cbdef8There are times we feel we have a target on our backs, which rarely feels good. Recently, I felt as if I had a target on my heart, but it was a very good thing.

I walked into church and received warm encouragement from several people. It seemed out of the blue. The encouragement varied. It was all specific but boosted me in different ways. I momentarily wondered if there was a conspiracy, but I knew there was too much randomness involved to include any strategy outside God’s.

Then came the exclamation point.

I braced myself when I saw a specific person, known for rarely using a filter, go out of his way to approach me. He stepped close to me and quietly yet firmly said, “The way you are handling this is having an impact on people.” He immediately walked away.

I stood in a bit of a daze. Why so much encouragement in one morning? Why such specific words? Not lengthy conversations, just quips of determined encouragement as if I had a target on my heart.

Maybe I did. My heart sighed with gratitude and contentment and strength.

Thank you, God.

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