My Life with God

Integrity Shows Up

photo-1515678916313-2263ebfad5cbWe can talk about integrity. In fact, I think I hear people talk more about how others lack integrity than any other context. But integrity is less about discussion and more about action – not just any action, but consistent action.

Integrity shows up. Not to be seen or recognized or to prove a point. It often goes unnoticed. It is more about who a person is than what he or she does. People can go through the motions of good deeds. It’s when the character overflows through actions that reveals truth.

Integrity never shows off. It always shows up. The lack of integrity shows through, too. You cannot hide for long  what it deep within. But you may try. In fact, people who lack integrity often hide the truth from themselves through rationalizing, excusing, judging, and compartmentalizing.

Integrity breaks down walls. It lets in light. It is measured by truth, so smudges and smears are easily identified.

Integrity isn’t about staying, appearing, or behaving. It is drilling, tapping into, and accessing. It is integral to a life well lived.

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