My Life with God

Crumbling Walls

11.8.14 Ramparts Walk (6)I have repeatedly walk around walls, similar to Joshua and the army of Israelites.

I often catch myself singing Do It Again by Elevation Worship. We walk around walls, and God continually does what he does best. He does it again and again and again. He shows up, instructs us, walks with us, and tears down walls in ways and timing we don’t expect.

The walls aren’t just big things. There are all kinds of walls. In the past year and a half, I’ve walked around the wall built by my ex, considering there might be a time of reconciliation and humility and sorrow and healing. I’ve walked around the wall of waiting – waiting for something significant to happen in the legal process, waiting for less delays and more forward motion, waiting for a response, for an agreement. I’ve walked around the wall of timing and transparency, determining what to share with whom and when.

I’ve walked around the wall and wanted to turn away.

It looked so big and daunting.

I’ve learned the crumbling wall is not the final goal. A collapsing wall might give us access we didn’t have before, but it’s not neat and tidy. There’s a mess to deal with and to walk through. There are still problems on the other side of it.

It’s intriguing to me how we spend so much effort shoring up some walls yet desperately want other walls to collapse. Let’s be honest. We have a lot less control over it all than we want to believe. And that’s actually okay with me. I don’t have to determine the walls. I have to be willing to walk around them, build them, find access points, scale them, or take reprieve in them for a season. I have to be willing to be obedient and respond to God’s way and his timing.

I get weary, but I get to trust him through the weariness. I get closer to him because of the time we spend together. I know there are some things he will do again and again and some things he will never do. I wouldn’t want to take a trek into and through the wilderness of life with anyone else.

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