My Life with God


photo-1444459094717-a39f1e3e0903Perfectionism is about pride, assuming that we can do it better. Better than someone else. Even better than ourselves.

God is perfect, yet he hands things over to us, knowing the result won’t be as good as if he took control of it, but relationships and practice and collaboration are so much more important than results. And be honest: even if we are perfectionist in one area, there are many more areas in which we are not, because we simply can’t excel or even try to excel in absolutely every area. If you take a look around your life, God might just open up your eyes to the areas that you need to give more attention to instead of focusing so much on your areas of perfectionism. And in the process, he will begin to loose your hold on perfectionism in other areas, prompting you to invite others into the process of growing, mistaking, learning, and refining.

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