My Life with God

A Nod to God

How often do we give God a simple head nod?

You know, just a basic acknowledgement?

I’m not saying it’s always a bad thing. When we acknowledge God is at the center or the root of something, when we acknowledge his authority and provision, we’re showing respect. We’re acknowledging the relationship with him. It is usually a private moment of connection.

But sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it’s more of an obligation with an undercurrent of dismissal. It’s not sincere. It’s not full. We give him a quick nod when we’re moving forward with our own plans and looking to him for quick approval and provision. We give him a quick nod when we need something and know he can provide, but we’ll also go ahead with trying to provide for ourselves and potentially blame him when it doesn’t work the way we want. Our weekly worship services can be a head nod to him. We give him a brief block of time then proceed through the week without interacting often with him.

It’s hard to gauge where others are with God at times. I don’t want to declare, “If you are doing these things, you have issues with God.” The casual head nod that might be impacting faith is something God needs to assess in each of us. He knows where we are and why. He knows next steps for us and how to prepare us. He also knows the gaps between the faith we could have and the faith we’re living.

I think every one of us can grow in our relationship with him. Every one of us can focus on him more than we do. In fact, the closer I get to him, the more of the gap I see, and the more I want to reach out to him and live a faith out loud for him. I don’t want to give him a casual head nod today. I know he knows this day better than anyone else. I know he knows tomorrows in ways only he can. I know he knows the steps of preparation that connect every day of my life, and instead of a head nod, I’m trying to look him in the face and follow his nods with all my mind, heart, soul, and strength.

Join me?

3 thoughts on “A Nod to God”

  1. Saying lots of mini prayers through my days as I go from work to home to work again. No end of problems/issues no matter what day it is. Thankful for the “wellness room” nursing administration put in our facility; it gives me a quiet place to go, and I sit in a massage chair and listen to one of the scriptural meditations in an app I use called Abide. Has made a big difference in my days!

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      1. So very thankful for it! Sad that it is only at the campus I work on and not at the other two hospitals we serve; I have been praying someone will have the foresight to put in even a smaller version for them. I don’t know where the finding from this room came from, but I think it is at our campus because we have the Covid units on premises. Not completely fair to my way of thinking because nurses at all of our campuses are stressed and stretched —capacity numbers are at an all time high for lots of different health conditions, not just Covid.

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