My Life with God

Paper Trail of People

photo-1527791002176-af61ee4ec40cA form didn’t get filed properly, so I (and others) have been working for nearly two months to correct the error. It seems like an easy fix, but apparently, it isn’t. It’s annoying, yet it isn’t.

I’ve met some people I might never have met otherwise.

We’ve called each other enough times, we’re at the “guess who” stage, and we usually guess correctly. While we might be annoyed with the situation, we don’t get annoyed with each other. We…are a “we.” We help each other, contact each other, encourage each other.

It seems like a game of chase the paper trail, but it is also an invitation to briefly share life with others.

Perhaps instead of getting easily annoyed with others who have roles in our frustrating situations, we can learn to appreciate them and invite them into “we.”

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