Divorce, My Life with God

Adventures Ahead

photo-1506012787146-f92b2d7d6d96My mom and I rode the airport shuttle with a husband and wife who were around my age. They barely made the shuttle. The driver asked if they had everything out of the car, and they replied, “yes.” But as we approached their terminal, they realized the husband had left his phone in the car. They were going to Europe, and the woman’s phone was apparently not keeping a charge, so they definitely wanted the phone. They had arrived at the airport with enough time, they thought it would be safe to return to the car.

So they rode with us to our terminal before returning to the parking lot. We had a good conversation during our brief time together. They reminded me a bit of my ex and me. We enjoyed travel adventures together. We’d taken that shuttle and talked through our checklist of items many times. There was always such a sense of excitement, often because of the anticipation of getting away and relaxing together.

I saw the same anticipation and excitement in the husband and wife. They shared some of their plans. They were ready to experience some news things together – some things they’d talked about for years and some they’d recently decided to add to the adventure. They were glad to be taking an adventure and adding to their life experiences together.

So, that’s where the comparison ended between them and my ex and me. No more trips for us. No more adventures. No more anticipation and excitement. No more together.

But instead of feeling sad about that, I was thankful this husband and wife sat across from me and were moving forward with their life together. I can be grateful for what others have even if I don’t. I can find joy in others’ choices and plans.

And I can appreciate what I have instead of focusing on what I don’t. After all, I was facing a weekend of adventures with my mom.

I sighed with contentment.

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