My Life with God

A Piece Broke

photo-1519292578988-e0633c8321ffA piece of my burden broke away from me.

I wasn’t doing anything in particular, but I felt it. I had been carrying a burden that I couldn’t identify. It was nothing specific, but it was heavy and dark and unwelcome. But it was mine to carry and wrestle with for a while.

Then there was an ache and a lightening and a sense of freedom. I still didn’t know what it was all about, but I knew God was refining me. He was pruning me. I carried a burden and tried to rely on him through it, and even when I didn’t understand it all, he lessened it. He broke away a piece, and I felt relief.

He replaced the piece with peace. Not that everything was suddenly fixed, not that I could avoid many issues, but that I was on the right track with him.

Being faithful is difficult when we don’t know the details, when we’re uncertain or confused or overwhelmed. We can choice him despite not understanding. We can choice him in the vagueness. We can choice him in the burden.

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