My Life with God


photo-1530910417612-701222d79f2fIt’s a made up word. But it’s an important principle to apply.

Paughts: an intentional pause in your thoughts.

We need to pause our thoughts to check ourselves. What thought train are you on, and do you need to get off? Are you having conversations in your mind that might never happen in reality – but you are sure you know how someone will react and feel the need to prepare? Are you rewriting what you think should have happened, how you could have responded, or how “if only so-and-so would have…”? Are you letting worry and ancient consume you, blinding you to what and who are immediately available right in front of you? Are you considering what your next step will be down the road when you haven’t committed to the steps you’ll need to take in order to get to that place “down the road”?

Pause your thoughts.

Check your perspective and priorities.

Adjust your focus.


Then start up your thoughts again. Don’t check out or avoid for long. Refuse to get lazy. Purge the thoughts that need to go, and refuel with healthy, constructive ones.

It’s time to move forward. Trust God to determine what thoughts stay and go each step of the way.

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