My Life with God


photo-1514327189585-748384587b3dWinterizing is important, at least, in my neck of the woods.

  • Put away the garden hoses.
  • Close and lock the windows. Caulk the gaps.
  • Close external vents.
  • Replace the furnace filter.
  • Make sure winter necessities (snow shovel, ice scraper, gloves, scarves, and so on) are readily accessible.

We need to be intentional about preparing for what might come. But our preparations don’t stop what comes. Preparation doesn’t make things easy. We can’t stop the trials in our lives but we can make preparations. We won’t know exactly what we’re preparing for or the severity of it, but the process of preparation is important.

Winter is coming – seasonally, emotionally, relationally, spiritually. Only God knows the details, but you can be certain winter is ahead. You will have trials. They will chill you to the bone. You will slip and fall. You’ll be miserable at times. But be faithful in the preparations. God will provide through it all.

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