My Life with God

Friends Helping Friends

photo-1526958097901-5e6d742d3371It was day of friendships – not just the fun, relaxing, hang-out-and-enjoy-life together moments, but the help-when-help-is-needed moments. Perhaps I just noticed it more in the details of the day. I saw it among others at church as people helped carry kids and all the paraphernalia that comes with them, gave rides to each other, and worked through the details of schedules for the week. But I also lived it personally.

One of my mom’s best friends had a death in the family, and my mom and aunt were helping serve the family meal after the visitation. I stopped by after I saw the family at the church to say hi and see if there was anything I could do to help. I ended up staying for hours. The experience of people coming together and doing life together regardless of the circumstance deeply nourishes me. I grew up in a tight-knit community. My parents had many good friends through the years who would drop everything to help each other.

I’ve been blessed through the years to have those type of friends, too. Many of them. They share life when it’s fun and when it’s burdensome. They answer the phone in the middle of the night and stop what they are doing to help. They laugh with you at the silly stuff you do, and they let you know when you’re doing wrong. Because they care.

While I was helping my mom’s friends, a friend’s husband texted me to let me know he dropped off a bale of straw at my house for my dog. I replied, “Thanks. I owe you.” His response was simple: “Nope.”

There is beauty in doing life together. It’s not about what we do for each other but more about our willingness to consider and sacrifice for others. Our generosity matters, because it connects us. It opens us up for hurt, because relationships can be messy, but it also opens us up for a deeper, richer life. We get to see different perspectives. We get to experience new things. We get to widen our circles.

We get to live life with others.

Invest in friends today. Help them. Invite them to help you. Simply do life together.

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