My Life with God

Chipped Off Pieces

photo-1497864149936-d3163f0c0f4bSome days, something breaks off me.

It’s not a bad thing. Apparently, there are many things that are part of my life that God continues to chip away at. I doubt I feel it some of the time. Other times, it hurts. Still other times, the chipping away feels good.

There was a day like that recently. Something broke off me and it felt like a release.

It was a simple day. I worked, shared travel adventures with my daughter’s fifth grade class, delivered packages to businesses for an upcoming community festival, and more. I loved pouring into others. I loved doing life alongside others. And as much as I was doing with others, I also knew people were praying for me throughout the day. I exchanged messages with people.

As I drove through town, reflecting on the dozens of conversations and contacts I’d had throughout the day, I sighed with contentment.

The day wasn’t about me. Of course, it involved me, but there was so much weaving of lives. Connections are powerful and nourishing.

There is contentment in intentional humility and service as we consider and engage with others.

When we are humble, we don’t have to hang on. We settle in. We’re willing to give and to let go. We trust God to chip off what needs to fall away from us.

And we can sigh in contentment.

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