My Life with God

My Class

photo-1472162072942-cd5147eb3902Two years ago, I read to a local kindergarten class. Their eyes were wide with excitement as I read Listen, Buddy. They asked creative, inquisitive questions, and I declared them “my class.” I promised them I would read to them every year through the fifth grade.

Last year, I read Wooway for Wodney Wat, one of my daughter’s favorites. Since she’s a teacher at the same school, they especially enjoyed it.

My class is now in the second grade. The teacher they have doesn’t typically invite readers, but he made an exception (partially because I motivated him with homemade chocolate chip cookies). With the popularity of The Wonkey Donkey, it was easy to choose what to read. My daughter had recently bought it for me to practice my grandma reading skills. I thought most kids would be familiar with the story, but only a few said they had read it.

It was fun to see their excitement when I arrived. They wanted updates on Buddy and Wodney Wat, as if I kept up with the fictional characters’ lives.

It took only a few pages for them to catch on to the rhythm of the story line. They were soon chiming in anytime there was a “HeeHaw” involved. They giggled, and their laughter was infectious.

The time passed too quickly, but they needed to get on with their learning, and I needed to go back to work. I’ll see many of them in the hallways or throughout the community, and I’ll definitely see them again next year.

Despite only seeing most of them occasionally, it’s fun to feel connected to them. They always welcome me and seem excited to see me.

My investment in them is quite small, but it is something. I never feel as if they minimize my time with them, and I know I treasure it.

Refuse to minimize your investments in others. Of course, also refuse to rationalize when you are slacking in your generosity and service. But know what you give with humility and joy will ripple into others’ lives.

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