My Life with God

Thanks, Friends

photo-1517076731070-13c65bcb2e86I was not in town when the tornado hit. My youngest daughter and I were spending the day together, picking up a few Christmas items and shopping for her baby registry. Her husband messaged to let us know a tornado was heading his way. We also heard warnings from other family and friends.

Then it hit. It went through the middle of town.

Our phones quickly became flooded with people checking to be sure we were okay. We checked on people. In the hours that followed, I heard from dozens of area friends as well as friends from surrounding towns, especially other places I’d lived or served in ministry. The circle widened as I heard from friends in Missouri, Indiana, Colorado, Louisiana, and Arkansas. People called and offered to come help. (I personally had no damage, but they were ready to help anyone.) More messages came in the following day as people heard about the storm.

What a blessing to experience friendship in action. The concern was genuine, timely, and compassionate.

Generous compassion often comes in times of crisis, even from strangers. It also reveals the depth and breadth of friendships invested in during the peaceful times. Connecting in everyday life, inviting others into our lives, pours forward. Of course, we hope our friends don’t experience crises, but knowing we’ve laid the strong foundation to walk on through shaky times is something we appreciate when the need arises.

Thank you, my friends.

Invest in others today. Do life with others. Listen to others. Check on others. Care for others.

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