My Life with God

Sitting In A Moose

photo-1537404381787-4c5e2f676158My daughter and I didn’t have a rigid Black Friday shopping list. Some of the things on our list were off-the-beaten-path tasks, like perusing the shelves of a bookstore to create a list of books to start her expected daughter’s library. I also wanted to help her find a glider or some sort of comfortable chair to put in the baby’s room.

We decided to go into a few furniture stores. They might be too pricey but they’d give us some ideas of what she liked and didn’t like. But we got distracted. We had been up for several hours already even though the sun had just come up. Our feet were already a bit tired. So we decided to sit in some chairs.

One in particular seemed to stand out. It was an oversized recliner that seemed to be covered in some sort of cozy, brown fabric that reminded us of a moose – a huge moose stuffed animal. She sat in it and sank, then started laughing because she felt as if she had sat in and was surrounded by a moose.

But it was cozy – perhaps a bit too cozy for an early morning break.

We didn’t get a chair at that store, and she certainly wouldn’t want a moose chair for the baby’s room, but it gave us a break, prompted some laughter, and provided one more memory for our day. That was the point of the day for me anyway. It wasn’t about the shopping; it was about time spent together. We could have done many other things, and what we chose would have been immaterial. When I look back on the day, it’s the odd moments I’ll remember, including her sitting in a moose.

It is the simplest moments that sometimes create the best memories with my daughters, mom, sisters, friends, and others. It’s the simple texts, brief lunches, acts of kindness, and silliness. It’s moments of time that we give to each other.

Share time with someone today. Savor the moments you have together.

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