My Life with God

The Giant Cookie


The cookie dough didn’t seem different as I prepared the tray for the oven. I slid them in to bake, and when the timer went off, I had a surprise: one giant cookie.

I was going to surprise my mom at a family gathering, because she likes the cookies I threw together for the first time a couple years ago. Consistent with the way she bakes, I started with a recipe and made it my own. It was a hit and has continued to be a favorite at many events, so I often make them: lingonberry shortbread cookies.

But I didn’t have enough time to make another batch, so I couldn’t surprise my mom this time.

Less than a week later, I was going to another family event and had told my oldest daughter I’d bring the lingonberry cookies. If they turned out this time, I’d take some to my mom, too, to make up for the failed surprise.

They baked perfectly.

What happened earlier in the week? Maybe I refrigerated them too long. Maybe I messed up an ingredient. Maybe my oven didn’t want to bake well that day.

I don’t know, but I was glad they had turned out this time.

Sometimes we want to give up after something flops, especially when we’re not sure why. We don’t want to spend the time and effort to try again when we might produce another flop. Why set ourselves up for failure?

I know these are just cookies with very little ramifications, but we take the same approach with some of the important things of life. Yes, there is a bit of anxiety with trying again. It’s a similar process but with some newness in it with the added baggage of failure attached. But the result might just be sweet.

Give something old a try today.

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