My Life with God

Movie Day

capture1I planned a movie day. Actually, it was a day filled with a variety of things I wanted to get done before a busy season of work began, but it wasn’t all “must do” tasks. It included “soak” tasks – a few things I wanted to do to simply enjoy life.

One of those tasks was to see Mary Poppins Returns. I like the original, I like musicals, and I like the cast of this movie. I don’t go to the movie theater often, but it’s a treat, which nearly always includes buttered popcorn! I had been listening to the soundtrack to become familiar with the music, and as always when I listen to a musical’s songs ahead of time, I looked forward to seeing how my imagination spurred by the music matched up with the storyline.

captureThe movie did not disappoint. It was an excellent mix of keeping much of the tradition of Mary Poppins and adding broad strokes of creativity and freshness. It fit well into the expectations of Mary Poppins while also paving the way with a new storyline. It was expected and surprising, consistent and unpredictable.

It reminded me a bit of life with its juxtaposition of fun and silliness among struggles and pain.

capture2It wasn’t just the content of the movie but the process of it. The lessons wrapped in silliness – like real life. The encouragement through unexpected people in trying times – like real life. The ways we find ways to connect with people different than us – like real life. The ways – both positive and negative – we rely on others. The seasons of grief. The behind the scenes people who help make our lives a bit easier. The ways we continue to weave through others’ lives in changing ways through the years. The importance of intentionality, both with broad strokes and fine details.

All like real life.

I walked out of the movie theater with a spring in my step. Maybe it was more of a “must do” than I realized.


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