My Life with God

Pursue Joy

photo-1540542608259-5be832201790To choose joy seems like a simple choice, but it’s a bit more pervasive. Choosing joy isn’t just what we want to step into but also what we want to step away from or what we need to step through. Sometimes our choose of joy means some difficult conversations, accountability, and always humility.

Choosing joy is not a moment. It is a process. We might see joy as what will help or what we want in a specific moment. But it is a much more lengthy process that requires a deep commitment. When we are short-sighted with our choices, we might find temporary relief from some turmoil but end up creating much more in the long run. And often, our lack of commitment to choosing joy over time affects not only us but also the people around us on a regular basis.

Choosing joy is a lengthy process, and that’s okay, because with it comes a deeper commitment to joy, a recognition of joy, and a cultivation of joy that seeps into us and nourishes us much more completely than a momentary choice of what feels good to us. When we commit to a pursuit of joy, it begins to consume us, even in moments we wouldn’t have necessarily seen in a context of joy.

So maybe instead of choosing joy, we need to pursue it. Because it is never a static place where we can simultaneously stay and keep it.

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