My Life with God

My Worst

photo-1519963759188-0e9264cd7992My worst isn’t always my lowest. Neither is yours.

We often see our lowest as that point at which we’ve lost the most, or when we’re most desperate or empty. But our worst can also be the higher moments and seasons, when we begin to get everything we think we want. We might have a lot, including a lot of pride. The highest can be the lowest. God doesn’t just scoop people out of their brokenness. Sometimes he meets us in our seems-to-us-successes. Think about Paul – well, Saul. By his standards, by the society’s standards, he was doing pretty well. He had climbed the ladder, but that ladder had some costs, especially on his relationship with God. God might scoop some people out of the mud, and being rescued is an amazing feeling. But he also meets us at the top of the ladder – and knocks out some of the rungs. While it might not be an amazing feeling at first, it is one of the best places to be – humbled by God.

I’ve learned through the years that any place I am without God, no matter how great of a place it seems to be, eventually becomes a pit. It has a loneliness and darkness to it that chills me. Oh, I can get used to it and even be comforted by it over time, but that doesn’t take away the stank darkness of the place. It just means I’ve made a home where I was never meant to stay.

You know the kind of place, where someone gets comfortable to the filth around them. Or perhaps it’s the comfort of creating something bigger, better, grander, flashier. It’s a place of more, of greed, of self-centeredness.

God gets crowded out. We prioritize ourselves as better and more important than him. We revere ourselves with our attitudes and preferences. Our expectations and excuses reveal our motives.

It’s time to humble yourself. No matter how humble you are, there is more to give up. Today is the best time to start.

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