My Life with God

Are You Churching?

photo-1529070538774-1843cb3265dfJust because you’re at work doesn’t mean you’re working.

Just because you’re at church doesn’t mean you’re churching.

And what is churching?

I don’t want to make a list that people think they have to check off in order to do church well. It’s not about settling into a legalistic rut. It’s about constant growth, reflection, and change. It’s a commitment that yields. It’s flexibility throughout the process; there is an ebb and flow, give and take. And that is the opposite of legalism.

Let this list become an evaluation of sorts, but instead of standing on your answers as irrefutable, trust God to let you know whether your answers are accurate or simply what you want them to become.

  • Do I engage with others? Do I make eye contact, converse, greet, and meet?
  • Do I stay within my comfort zone? Am I willing to sit in new places with new faces?
  • Do I connect with a variety of people? Do I avoid the routine of “my” group or reaching new people. Am I flexible to connect with people in front of me and out of my way, making an effort to build relationships with people of different generations, routines, and preferences?
  • How do I respond when something isn’t my preference or style? How do I filter what’s important, how to let go of what isn’t, and how to address what is?
  • Do I get involved, even when it’s inconvenient? Do I only do the things I’ve always done?
  • How often do I catch myself going through the motions? Do I sense change in my life, and do others notice?
  • Do I compartmentalize my life? If people from a variety of areas of my life got together and shared the experiences they’ve had with me, would there be some consistency?
  • Do I see church as being primarily about me and what I can get from it? How often do I try to see church from others’ perspectives?
  • How uncomfortable am I willing to be in order to see others thrive in their relationships with God?
  • How completely and authentically am I willing to share my everyday life with others, both within and outside the church?
  • Do I make an effort to help people have healthy relationships with God and within the church even when it’s easier to stay quiet, take control, or let others complain?
  • Am I becoming the person God wants me to become?

To do church well is to follow God well – to seek him, know him, yield to him, whether you’re in church or at work or throughout the community. Churching doesn’t just happen once a week during a worship service. If you tend to be legalistic, you might need to loosen your grip on the reins of control you think you might have. If you are more likely to go-with-the-flow, you might need to determine the next step and commit to going deeper more consistently. Do something.

And doing something with God always involves trusting him to lead.

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