My Life with God

Midday Reset

photo-1532178968013-0acd8e5bf7c7My good friend’s daughter’s first grade class was responsible for the school chapel program on a recent Wednesday. Her dad was out of town, and while her mom planned to attend, she would be driving from a nearby town over her lunch break and might have been delayed because of weather. So I decided to go just in case. Plus, I knew I’d enjoy seeing her and the other students.

It was a busy day, but since the school is only a couple blocks from work, it was easy to slip away at the last minute. My friend’s daughter saw me as soon as I walked in. It sure is nice to be greeted with a huge smile and wave from across the room! My friend slipped in a few minutes later.

I savored the next half hour, filled with friendship, praise, and joy. It was a reprieve in a busy day, a good reminder of priorities. I was already having a good day, but it was as if God pushed a reset button. I felt as if I had a bit of a spring in my step as I walked back into the office to wrap up the afternoon. My soul was content.

That’s what doing life authentically and fully with others can do. When we yield our schedules and invest in others, God affirms the purpose he has for us. We sometimes see purpose as the big banner of life, the slogan that runs everything we do. But purpose is in the small decisions and sacrifices. It seeps into every choice and consequence – if we trust God through it all.

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